Cast Iron: Dutch Ovens


 These cast iron dutch ovens can be used to cook with over a fire or in your stove at home.  Very versatile.  A campers delight.  These come in many different sizes.  All come with cast iron lids.  

  • 2-Qt. Dutch Oven 8.75" Diameter x 2.75" Height 
  • 4-Qt. Dutch Oven 10.5" Diameter x 3.25" Height
  • 8.5-Qt. Dutch Oven 11.75" Diameter x 5.25" Height
  • 14-Qt. Dutch Oven 15" Diameter x 6.25" Height
  • 20-Qt. Dutch Oven 17.5" Diameter x 6.25" Height
Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  May be shipped directly from manufacturer.