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20 QT. Stainless Steel Multi Use Canner

This Victorio Stainless Steel Canner is very versatile and can be used conveniently for water bath canning or steam canning. The stainless steel design makes this product highly durable and will last for years of use.

The Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner is the ultimate in quality canning stock pots. The clad bottom makes it great for kitchen ranges and induction ranges. It also comes with a tempered glass lid which means you will not have to take the lid off to see what is happening inside your pot. It also comes with a temperature indicator with different elevation zones so you can start timing your canning job correctly.


  • Use for steam or water bath canning
  • Can be used as a regular stock pot
  • Comes with a temperature indicator knob in the lid to help keep your processing times accurate
  • 20-quart liquid capacity
  • Process up to 8 pints or 7 quart jars per batch
  • Will not accommodate half gallon jars
  • Silicone covered handles
  • Tempered glass lid with vent holes
  • Induction cooktop compatible
  • Includes a stainless steel canning rack that can be used for either water bath or steam canning methods