Homesteading for Beginners Volume One


Journey with this city gone country family as they share some basic homesteading skills that anyone can master.  In this video you will learn such skills as raised bed gardening, milking the family cow, making butter, cheese, kefir, bread, and processing chickens.  Highly educational and entertaining for the entire family.   

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YouTube - Homesteading for Beginners DVD trailer

Thank you, we hope you enjoy our Homesteading DVDs.  

HOMESTEADING FOR BEGINNERS is just the video for those who are considering the possibility of moving to the country. This video gives a delightful overview of life on a small family farm. Erin and Mark Harrison invite the viewer into their home to learn and laugh with them and their five children through the many adventures of homesteading.

You gain insight into all that it takes to get a REAL chicken dinner onto the table from the ground up – literally, from seed to supper. All of the scenes are filled with a beautiful rural setting and happy, healthy, helpful children keep popping up into almost every scene.

Learn how to make butter and cheese using kitchen tools you likely already have on hand. See how this family raises and harvests chickens and eggs. Get an introductory demonstration on wood splitting, building a simple chick pen, learn how to start seeds and tend a low-maintenance garden. Mama takes the time to show you how to freeze and can your produce and meat, gives you the recipes, and then shows you how to prepare the meal. Pamper your inner flower-child and learn how to make a wild-flower crown to adorn your head. 

The attentive viewer may even pick up some tips on how to incorporate child training and education throughout the busy day. Washing eggs becomes a math and chemistry lesson taught by a curly blond-headed little girl that needs a step-stool to reach her mama’s kitchen sink. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the film. A take-charge big brother is happy to demonstrate how to use scraps of wood to make signs for the garden. Listen carefully as Papa patiently explains how to milk a cow while little voices comment on the condition of the barn floor (you’ll have to rewind here as your laughter might drown him out).

Grandpa and Granny loved watching with us as little ones stole scene after scene. Grandpa said, “I can see now, if I wanted to homestead, I’d have to find some little helpers.”

HOMESTEADING FOR BEGINNERS should come with a warning label for parents that are used to children sitting peacefully in front of the television all day. After viewing this video, those children could be inspired to go enjoy the great outdoors more often. They might begin asking for some chickens or a cow of their own . . . possibly even some pigs to ride!



I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make these DVDs and teach others how to homestead. I especially appreciate seeing your family doing everything together. I have 6 children, ages 8 and under, and my husband and I have the same desire to teach and learn alongside our children how to be self-sufficient and raise up godly children while serving the Lord. We just weren’t sure where to start. We’re trying to come up with a home business to allow my husband to come home and work. Your DVDs have been an answer to our prayers! Please continue to make them…We watched Volume I last night and my children were glued…and I felt like I was watching my dreams come to life. We’ve already tried our hand at chickens (for meat and eggs), gardening, homemade bread and canning but I have a long way to go! We are looking forward to learning all the skills you’ve taught us!


Thank you so much,

-S. Family


"I have already watched the first two 'Homesteading for Beginners' DVDs - and really enjoyed them.  Your children are enchanting, and watching them pitch in and have fun with all the activities brought back fond memories of my own childhood and long, hot summers and deep, cold winters spent on my Grandfather's farm. I'm so glad you invested the time and effort to make these inspiring productions - and I do look forward to seeing whatever you do next!

With thanks and my very best regards,
-Mark H. R.


"Today, I finished watching Volume 3 of the homesteading for Beginners DVD series. This particular DVD covers cooking with long term storage foods, home canned meats, vegetables, and self-raised dairy products, in great detail. Erin Harrison is very down to earth, warm and friendly as she demonstrates, with easy-to-follow steps, how to cook her all-natural recipes. As you watch the video you feel as though your right in the kitchen with Erin and her five children. The only sad part is that we can't partake in the tasting of all of those wonderful foods they are making. Erin's videos make me want to get outside and get my gardens in and get myself into the kitchen to do more cooking and canning. I highly recommend these videos! They are wonderful to watch with your children. You and your children will learn so much from Erin and her family. You'll want to watch these videos over and over."

-James Wesley, Rawles

"The homesteading DVD's arrived, as did a ton of snow. We've had a great time watching them, and it's just so delightful to see the personality of the mom come out as the film progresses. She's great! She's the neighbor you always wished you had.   God bless! " 



"Dear Harrison Family,
Just recently my family and I came across and purchased your Homesteading DVD's volume 1 &2. I just wanted to let you know how much we have all enjoyed them.  We really didn't know what to expect when we bought them but they are wonderful!  We love them!  The thing that I like most about your videos is that it's real people living real lives and sharing what they know. We have often thought of moving to the country and living that kind of life but we never did because we weren't sure we could do it or where to begin. Your videos all make it seem possible now. We love how you clearly explain everything and find the videos to be both encouraging and inspirational. Not only do your videos give great advice on farming, gardening, taking care of the animals and so much more but it's full of recipes and nutritious ways to keep our families healthy. ( I have even used them in our homeschooling.) I was also surprised and pleased to see that each video came with a little booklet containing excerpts from the videos with recipes, canning tips, gardening tips, herbs, nutritional info and more. All available at my fingertips whenever I need them. Wonderful!  We have even tried some of the recipes and have enjoyed them very much. Keep up the great work!  We are eager to learn more and look forward to more videos.  God bless you in your endeavors."
-The Roy Family