Kitchen: Victorio Peeler



Product Description

The Victorio Johnny Apple Peeler combines three time consuming processes into one easy step. Simply turn the handle and you get perfectly even, peeled and cored sliced apples. The thin even slices will dry thoroughly in your Victorio Food Dehydrator. Use the adjustable peeling blade to just peel, the coring and slicing blade to just core and slice, or both blades together to peel, core and slice. The adjustable peeling blade lets you choose how deep you want to peel. Use the slicing and coring blade to create thin even slices for apple pies or home made curly fries.

The clamp base attatches to tables and countertops up to 2 inches thick. The tension on the peeling arm is controlled by a spring so it conforms to the shape of the apple or potato giving you a perfect peel every time. a thumb screw holds the peeling blade and the coring/slicing blade in place for quick adjustment or removal. The durable cast iron body is longer than other peelers to better handle larger foods.