Wall Mount Drying Rack


Made from  Eastern Ash hardwood, like all our racks the Wall Mount is extremely durable and of the highest quality.

New! Visit our youtube channel, Gunderson Homestead for a quick demonstration of our Wall Mount: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkplBfOrzec&t=30s

Great for smaller spaces.

  • Predrilled for mounting in wall studs.
  • Multi use with shaker pegs along the bottom for hanging additional items, it also is built with a 28x6 shelf across the top for storing laundry needs!
  • The pull out rack extends to a maximum of 30 inches with 17 lineal feet of drying space.
  • Comes fully assembled.


    Closed: 28x14x6


    • :: We cannot ship Drying Racks to PO Boxes ::
    • *Free Shipping in continental United States*
    • Allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery on all handcrafted drying racks

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