Whitlox Mini Wood-Fired Forge

Whitlox Mini Wood-Fired Forge

The basic tools for blacksmithing belong on every homestead. But for many areas of the country, coal is hard to come by and being dependent on propane supply hardly aligns with the desire for self-reliance. Fortunately there is a forge fuel that grows the world over: wood. Charcoal was used for metalworking long before coal forges came into use.

Like the fullsize Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge, the Mini is specially designed to burn charcoal or raw wood fuel. The gentle slope of the firebed self-feeds the fuel into a zone of exceptional heat.
The forge is constructed of 11 gauge steel, lined with kaowool and firebricks. The compact size (16"x16"x9") is ideal for many projects. The inside length of the firebed is 9".

This streamlined model features a simplified draft, a non-adjustable vented tube.

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Complete your forge with a electric or manual blower and an optional stand.